A possessed wolf, fighting his inner demon.


"I fight the wolf, and the wolf fights me. We are... as one."


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In a moment, disturbed, he expels breath quickly in a snort, and his eyes open wide as his heart races. It is the voice in his mind. A crippling voice that speaks to him with much hatred.

"This is nothing, the miserable life that you lead, the miserable life that everyone down there lives! I give you the opportunity to excel, yet you choose to come here and squander it all! And for what? Absolutely nothing."

The wolf whines, and begins breathing heavily. The trauma is clear -- whatever is in the mind of the wolf is not his own thoughts. All he wants is to escape this madness, yet the demon that possesses him gives the wolf no time to entertain his desires.

"Why do you fight me, wolf? What is it that you could possibly want to escape from? You were chosen to aid the Underworld in getting rid of the festering plagues of life. I have given you the knowledge to understand the mission. I have given you advice to shine at your task. Yet you sit here, attempting to dream."

Pack is life. Pack is forever.

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